Travel Definitions

  1. Domestic Travel: Travel inside the continental U.S.

  2. International Travel: Travel outside the continental U.S.

  3. Columbia Sponsored Travel: Travel that is organized and overseen by Columbia University, may be partially funded or arranged by Columbia, may earn academic credit at Columbia, may be coordinated by a Columbia recognized student group, or may be an extension of a faculty or researcher’s professional work.

  4. Non-Columbia Sponsored Travel: Travel other than official Columbia travel.

Examples of Columbia Sponsored Travel

Columbia course activities and programs that are supervised by, and fully or partially supported by, Columbia (for example, Columbia in Paris at Reid Hall)

  • Columbia-managed study-abroad programs
  • Travel that fulfills Columbia grants or contracts
  • Travel for Columbia athletics
  • Non-student travel sponsored by Columbia for alumni
  • Faculty, researchers, and officers traveling internationally on University business
  • International study through another university or outside organization (such as the CIEE Advanced Liberal Arts Program in Barcelona)
  • Approved exchange programs between Columbia and another university
  • Co-ops, practica, or internships organized by Columbia and CUMC departments (for example, the IFAP Global Health Program)
  • International travel by graduate or professional students to do independent research for their dissertations
  • Civic engagement or service trips such as those coordinated with recognized Columbia chapters of larger groups, e.g., CU Red Cross, Doctors without Borders, Engineers without Borders, Global Brigades at Columbia or Habitat for Humanity
  • Pre-professional and competition groups representing or competing on behalf of Columbia
  • Columbia-funded travel such as travel supported by scholarships, travel grants, or by a Columbia-recognized student organization

Examples of Non-Columbia Sponsored Travel

Independent student travel, or group travel through a non-Columbia student organization

  • Personal travel, such as spring break or vacations

How to Register Your Official Columbia Sponsored Travel: