The Advising and Academic Success team within the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) provides guidance on academic resources or all MBA students. They oversee programs such as English language and Core Course tutoring and partner with other offices such as Counseling and Psychological Services, Office of Disability Services, and Alice! Health Promotion to provide wellness programming and holistic support to students. As a team they work across the School to improve the student experience both inside and outside the classroom.

Academic advising is a collaborative, supportive, respectful, and solutions-oriented partnership between students and academic advisers. Academic Advisors empower CBS students to act on their academic goals, enrollment planning, and course selections by sharing resources and guidance to help students make informed academic and life decisions.

OSA uses the Starfish platform to facilitate communication and resource-sharing between students and their various club and academic advisers. As a central resource, it enables your administrative network at CBS to provide informed and aligned support toward your success at the School. All meetings with peer tutors and academic advisors are scheduled on Starfish.

Below are just some of the many support resources available to you so you can succeed at CBS: