What is Starfish?

Starfish is a platform that facilitates communication and resource-sharing between students and their various club and academic advisers. As a central resource, it enables your administrative network at CBS to provide informed and aligned support toward your success at the School. The platform launched at CBS as of the Spring 2018 semester.

How do I navigate to Starfish?

You can log in to Starfish using your UNI and password through this link. If you encounter login issues, please contact ITG Student support ([email protected]).

You can also find a link to Starfish under "Quick Links" in CBS Connect, the School's student dashboard. 

How will I as a student use Starfish?

Students will use the system for three primary purposes:

  • Scheduling an appointment with your academic adviser: In the initial launch, you'll mostly be using Starfish to schedule appointments with your OSA academic adviser. See Schedule an Academic Advising Session for step-by-step instructions on using Starfish to set up an appointment with your academic adviser. 
  • Scheduling an appointment with a Peer Tutor: See the Tutoring page for more information and step-by-step instructions on using Starfish to set up an Individual or Group Peer Tutoring session.
  • Viewing with your "success network": Your success network is comprised of the advisers (club, career, and academic) and faculty who have a relationship with you through your course enrollments, club memberships, cluster assignment, or career trajectory. From your Starfish home page, click the My Success Network icon to navigate to your network. For each person listed in your network, you'll find contact information, supporting resources, and a link to make an appointment for those contacts for whom appointment scheduling is enabled.
  • Communicating with your "success network": Your advisers may sometimes communicate with you (or you with them) through Starfish. Click the Messages icon on your home page to display messages sent to you in Starfish. Click on any message in the list to display the full contents of that message. Similarly, your adviser, OSA, or instructor may alert you to set up a meeting, complete a survey, or respond to a To-Do. This will appear in a message on the right side of your dashboard (home screen) of Starfish.
  • Raising a flag to your adviser/OSA: If you require support but aren't exactly sure where to go for help, you can use the "raise your hand" function to raise a flag for your adviser. Be sure to provide as many details as possible so your adviser can route your request appropriately. 

How do I set up my profile and change my notification preferences?

Any notifications (e.g., an upcoming advising appointment) that come through Starfish will also be sent to your @GSB address. You can also set notifications to a secondary address if you wish. To do so, simply click on your name in the top right corner of your Home page to open your profile. You can set an alternate email address and contact phone number and upload your photo there. You can also change the frequency with which you receive notifications.

What student information exists in Starfish?

Starfish access is based on roles and relationships. Only instructors and administrators in particular roles (e.g., academic advisers, club advisers, instructors) who are in a professional relationship with you (e.g., your assigned advisers, your instructors for the current term) can see information in Starfish, and even then they can only see information necessary for their role. For example, instructors would see only information directly related to the course (e.g., your enrollment in their class), while academic advisers would have a more holistic view, including overall GPA and student background information. 

Academic advisers also use Starfish to document general topics discussed in advising meetings to support your success. Notes kept in Starfish need to meet professional standards and fall under your FERPA rights.

Are there additional training resources on how to use Starfish?

Yes! As we roll out additional functionality, we'll add video modules and more step-by-step guides on making the most of the platform. For now, feel free to check out the "Getting Started" guide for students (provided by Hobson's) on this page.