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The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) supports the academic and community explorations of full-time MBA students by providing an environment in which students feel a sense of belonging, agency, and partnership in co-creating their optimal MBA experience.

The Office of Student Affairs consists of the Academic Advising and Student Success team, the Records and Registration team, and the Student Life and Engagement team.

Office Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.*
Phone: 212-854-5563
Email: [email protected]

*During exams and orientations, OSA may be open during special hours.

About Us

Academic Advising and Student Success

The Academic Advising and Student Success team provides guidance on academic resources and coordinates holistic student support by partnering with Counseling and Psychological Services, the Office of Disability Services, and numerous resources at Columbia University. We also partner with the Dean’s Office and the Samberg Institute for Teaching Excellence to improve student experiences and outcomes both inside and outside the classroom.

Records and Registration

The Records and Registration Team is the steward of all MBA student records pertaining to registration, grades, and graduation. Records and Registration also work with the Faculty and Divisions to produce the MBA course schedule.

Student Life and Engagement

The Student Life and Engagement team supports the MBA student experience from the moment students join the CBS community until their final days on campus. The team plans signature events, including New Student Orientation and Graduation, and advises all 80-plus student organizations, Student Government, and Cluster Boards.

CBS | success

CBS | success is the student support model that guides the services and support network OSA provides for all full-time MBA students. CBS | success is an equity-based framework that provides a roadmap for students to consider how they may make the most of their time at CBS.

CBS | Success is a partnership between the student and the institution in which the institution’s role is to consistently ask what resources and opportunities students require to excel, and students must consider how to capitalize on their strengths and consider how they can proactively address their challenges.  

CBS | success is grounded in four areas identified as essential to the MBA experience:

Academic Acheivement

Academics are an integral part of the MBA experience. Students should at minimum hold a 5.5 GPA and optimally access curricular and non-curricular academic opportunities that enrich their academic experience.  

Community Connections

Building a strong and supportive network in which students feel a sense of belonging is essential for being a successful MBA candidate and future leader in business. 

Career Development

Building strategic career management and leadership skills at CBS is essential to a student’s ability to access fulfilling and challenging job opportunities during the MBA and provides a framework that will empower them to achieve their lifelong career ambitions.  

Institutional Engagement

On an individual level, developing authentic relationships with CBS administrators, faculty, staff, alumni, and employers provides students with a committed partner that assists them in navigating challenges and celebrating successes. Structurally, students should be cognizant of Columbia Business School’s values and see them reflected in all aspects of their MBA experience.