Incomplete grades (IN) are granted or denied at the discretion of course instructors. Incompletes can be granted in cases of incapacitating illness, serious family emergency, or in circumstances of comparable gravity. If an instructor grants an incomplete for a course, the instructor and student must agree on a date on which the coursework will be completed.

For students that are requesting an incomplete due to circumstances referenced above, the incomplete must be resolved by the earlier of (a) the degree conferral date or (b) six (6) months from the date the incomplete grade was earned. If you are receiving an IN because you are taking a make-up exam, your IN will be converted to a letter grade within (2) two weeks of the make-up exam period for that semester.

Students who have more than one IN on their record will be prohibited from registering for the following semester until at least one of those grades is converted to a final (letter) grade. If registration has already taken place for the term, students will have until the beginning of the next add/drop period to resolve their IN. If the IN has not been fulfilled a hold will be placed on their registration and they will subsequently be dropped from all courses at the end of the add/drop period. Please note, that students cannot be certified for graduation with a notation of incomplete (IN) on their transcript.

Any student who believes that his/her situation warrants the granting of "IN" must follow this process:

1. Students will initiate the Incomplete process by speaking with the instructor and notifying them that they would like to take an IN.

2. The student will complete the Application for Incomplete by the last day of classes.

3. Upon receiving the Application for Incomplete the Academic Advisor contacts the student to arrange an advising appointment.

4. The Academic Advisor will review the application and speak with the Professor to answer any questions. If the instructor agrees to grant an Incomplete (IN), the Office of Student Affairs will approve the Application for Incomplete.

5. After the OSA approves the Application for Incomplete, the faculty member posts the grading notation of IN in SSOL.

6. Once an Incomplete has been entered into the student’s record, instructors can update that notation with a letter grade in SSOL once the student has completed all course requirements.

For questions on the incomplete process, instructors should contact Katrina Mirasola, Director of Academic Affairs. It is the student’s responsibility to make sure a grade is submitted by the agreed-upon date or the incomplete deadline as determined by the above. The instructor is not required to submit a grade for the course after the applicable deadline. The mark of incomplete (IN) is not a final grade. Therefore, if a final grade is not submitted by the date that the IN must be resolved, as noted above, the mark of IN will revert to F (Failure).