For all MBA Classes

In accordance with the Core Culture of being present, the MBA program requires students to attend each class in-person. 

Academic Advisors and faculty must be notified if students anticipate missing a significant portion of classes.  7 or more consecutive business days of absence from campus when courses are in session is considered significant even if the absences are for an excused reason.

There are grading implications, up to and including failure of courses, for students who are absent for a significant portion of classes without communicating with OSA and their professors in advance.

Students experiencing course absences related to protected class accommodations through Title IX or ODS (Office of Disability Services) should contact their Academic Advisor.  Please note that accommodations do not apply retroactively so prompt outreach to the Academic Advising team is crucial if the likelihood of extended absences exists.

Most courses are recorded and students may use class recordings as a study aid. Viewing class recordings cannot be substituted for attending class in-person. Only students who receive accommodations to attend class remotely from Title IX or ODS (Office of Disability Services), or those who test positive for COVID-19 (see below) are permitted to watch recordings in place of attending class in-person, on-campus. 

For MBA Core and Capital Markets Classes

As stated above, in addition to the requirements of the School and University, and in accordance with Core Culture of being present, the MBA program requires students to attend each class.

  • Students who miss between 33% and 50% of classes in any individual core course for unexcused reasons will at most receive a P1.  For example, if there are 12 class sessions in a term, students cannot miss more than 3 classes in order to be eligible for a grade higher than P1. 
  • Students who miss more than 50% or more of their classes (unexcused) will receive an F.
  • It is up to the student to keep track of how many unexcused absences they have, and to understand how absences may impact their overall grade in the course.

Depending on individual professors’ requirements, fewer absences than listed above may have additional ramifications including but not limited to maintaining enrollment in the class and course grades. Check course syllabus for more information specific to each class.

We understand conflicts arise. Below is a list of absences that are considered excused; OSA may require documentation such as a letter indicating dates of illness from a medical professional, legal summons, etc.

  • Religious observance  
  • Military Service
  • Court appearance 
  • Illness 
  • Family emergencies, such as death or serious illness of immediate family member

Absences are only excused in documented cases listed and students must provide notification in advance of absence from class. Absences will not be excused for interviews, weddings, student activities, conferences, personal travel, etc. 

If you believe, based on the reasons above, that your absence warrants an exception, please email [email protected]. It will be reviewed on a case by case basis and the decision will be sent to the faculty.

  • To submit excused absences, use the Core Absence Form found on each Core course Canvas home page.  Students will not receive confirmation of their submission. 
  • Core classes are automatically recorded so recording requests are unnecessary. 

For all MBA Elective Classes

  • With the exception of Capital Markets, OSA does not assist with tracking or approving elective class absences. While we recommend instructors mirror the policies established for core classes, it is up to students to understand how absences will be dealt with. 
  • Please review your instructor’s syllabus for details on how attendance will affect your grade.
  • Communicate any absences directly to the instructor.  
  • Recording class information is available here.


COVID-19 Excused Absences 

A Covid-19 diagnosis qualifies as an excused absence. The absence will be granted 5 days from the date of the positive test (rapid/antigen or PCR). Students are welcome to join classes online via Echo 360 livestream on Canvas. Otherwise, students can watch class recordings via echo 360 on Canvas.

For all MBA Core Classes 

  • Students must submit the Core excused absence form found on Canvas, denoting the date they tested positive. 
  • All positive cases must be reported to Columbia Health by contacting [email protected] and uploading their documentation to the Columbia Health Patient Portal.  

For all MBA Elective Classes 

  • Students must inform their professor of the excused absence by email or follow the directions on the syllabus. 
  • All positive cases must be reported to Columbia Health by contacting [email protected] and uploading their documentation to the Columbia Health Patient Portal.