Grading Notations

GRADE                                                                                                                         GPA EQUIVALENT

H+ 11.00
H (Honors) 10.00
H- 9.00
HP+ 8.00
HP (High Pass) 7.00
HP- 6.00
P1+ 5.00
P1 (Pass) 4.00
P1- 3.00
LP (Low Pass) 1.00
F 0.00
P (Unweighted Pass) N/A -- For Exempted Core Courses Only: See note (1) below.
W (Withdrawal) N/A -- See note (2) below. Given to a student who drops a course after the add/drop period.
IN (Incomplete) N/A -- See note (3) below.
R (Registration Credit) N/A -- For Exchange Courses Only


(1) While you do not receive pass/fail grades for courses taken, should you successfully exempt from a core course, a grade of "P" will appear on your transcript to denote that you passed. This will not be factored into your GPA, nor will receive any credits. It is strictly a notation that you passed your exemption exam.

(2) Students are not permitted to have a course deleted from their academic record after the add/drop deadline. If a student withdraws from a course after the drop deadline, the transcript will show a mark of "W" for that course. This is a permanent mark, and will remain on the transcript even if the student repeats the course. This grade will not be factored into your GPA, nor will receive any credits. Students cannot withdraw from a course after the date noted on the MBA Course Registration Schedule.

(3) Incomplete (IN) Grades: Incomplete grades are granted or denied at the discretion of course Instructors. If an instructor grants an incomplete for a course, the instructor and student must agree on a date in which the coursework will be completed. Note that students cannot be certified for graduation with a notation of incomplete (IN) on their transcript.

The incomplete must be resolved by 1) the conferral date or 2) six (6) months from the date the incomplete grade was earned, whichever is earlier.

It is the student’s responsibility to make sure a grade is submitted by the agreed upon date or the incomplete deadline as determined by the above. The instructor is not required to submit a grade for the course after the applicable deadline. The mark of incomplete (IN) is not a final grade. Therefore, if a final grade is not submitted by this date, the mark of IN will revert to F (Failure). For further details, please visit Incomplete Grades.