Students who believe they have been unfairly graded have access to a formal review process. However, it is understood that faculty members have the right to determine grading policies for their classes and the expertise to evaluate student work unless substantive and objective evidence to the contrary is presented. Please also take into account the mandatory grading curve policy, which means your final grade reflects how well you performed in relation to your peers. 

In order to appeal a grade, the student must initiate the following within six weeks (30 business days) of receiving notice of the grade in SSOL. Appeals not initiated within that timeline will not be considered, by faculty or administration.

  1. Reach out to the faculty member via the faculty member’s Columbia University email address (uni) requesting a grade review and providing rationale and supporting evidence.

  2. If the faculty member does not believe a grade change is warranted but the student wants to proceed, use the CBS Grade Appeal Form to escalate the appeal to Professor Jonah Rockoff, Vice Dean for Curriculum and Programs and Associate Dean and Dean of Student Affairs, Samantha Shapses by providing the following:

  • Student Name and Email
  • Course Number, Course Name, Faculty Member Name, Semester
  • Current Grade, Desired Grade
  • Rationale for the appeal with any supporting evidence*
  • Summary of conversations with faculty member about the appeal

As part of the CBS grade appeals process, information contained in appeals submitted by students may be shared with relevant CBS faculty members. Students can expect a decision within four weeks (20 business days) of submitting the Appeal Form. Grade reviews may result in a higher grade, an unchanged grade, or a lower grade. Decisions made by Professor Rockoff are final.

* Unacceptable rationale includes: Grade impacts student financial aid or honors.