Student clubs are important stakeholders in our community and the student experience. The new club application process is a shared governance process by the Office of Student Affairs and Student Government and will have elements of review by both. Please be sure to review all steps provided via the link below.

Note that submitting this application does not guarantee your proposal will be approved and/or brought to a vote by Student Government. 

Submission Deadlines

  • FIRST YEAR DEADLINE: JAN 1, 2023 - MARCH 3, 2023



  • First year students in their first semester are not eligible to serve on founding executive boards
  • First year students in their second semester are eligible to serve on founding executive boards


  • Second year students in their first semester are eligible to serve on founding executive boards
  • Second year students in their second semester are eligible to serve on founding executive boards that consist of at least half of the required positions* being filled by first year-second semester students.

*Required positions for all clubs include President(s), VP of Finance and VP of Events

Note: At least one founding member of an executive board must have previously served as AVP for a CBS student club. This AVP must hold one of the required executive board roles above.

  • A prior AVP term is considered at least one academic semester in the role for first year students and one academic year in the role for second year students


  1.  Review your eligibility to apply for a new student club
  2. Review and acknowledge the upcoming Top Items to Consider section (located in application or below) and acknowledge that your proposed executive board believes your club would be a unique addition to the CBS community. 
  3. Review all current student organization policies and procedures outlined on the Student Leader Resource site. 
  4. Schedule initial meeting with the Student Government VP of Clubs to discuss organization subject matter, ideas and feasibility .
  5. WITH VP OF CLUBS APPROVAL: Submit completed new student organization application
  6. Schedule meeting time with OSA and the Student Government VP of Clubs to discuss your application and ideas for a new organization.
  7. WITH OSA APPROVAL: Schedule a pitch presentation for a Student Government Meeting with the VP of Clubs
  8. Student Government members will vote on club eligibility with next steps to be further communicated. 

Application Overview

A completed club application includes:

  1. Club Basics (including mission, goals, submission of club charter, proposed plan of events and budget)
  2. Peer School analysis (reviewing similar clubs at other M7 schools)
  3. CBS Student Organization Analysis (reviewing current clubs at CBS)
  4. Statement of Support (from other club Presidents, administration and/or faculty)

Top Thoughts To Consider About New Clubs

  • How is this student organization unique? Will it duplicate efforts set forth by other student organizations and/or CBS departments, academics or centers? Can this student organization’s focus be implemented in other current organizations on campus?
  • Is this student organization sustainable? Will you be able to easily recruit students to take on leadership roles for next academic year?
  • Does your student organization require space? Does your organization require a Columbia bank account?
  • Would this student organization advance Columbia Business School’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion?
  • Would this student organization meet all required policies and procedures set forth by the CBS Student Leader Guide and Columbia University code of conduct? Would this organization’s focus/content potentially be a liability to Columbia?
  • Does this student organization represent an in-demand industry, need of the general community or just personal interests?


New Club Application


Additional Resources