Interested in becoming a tutor?  You must have exempted or received an H in the course to be eligible. 

We offer tutoring for the following subjects:

  • B6101/B5101 Business Analytics (MBA) / Decision Models (EMBA)
  • B8306/B7306 Capital Markets and Investments
  • B6300/B5300 Corporate Finance
  • B6001/B5001 Financial Accounting
  • B6201/B5201 Global Economic Environment
  • B6200/B5200 Managerial Economics
  • B6100/B5100 Managerial Statistics
  • B6601/B5601 Marketing (MBA) / Marketing Strategy (EMBA)*
  • B6102/B5102 Operations Management*
  • B6502/B5502 Strategy Formulation*

*Marketing, Operations Management, and Strategy Formulation typically have low demand. As such, tutors interested in tutoring those subjects must also be able to tutor one of the other, high demand subjects. For example, you cannot apply to be a tutor for Marketing alone, but you could apply for Marketing and Accounting. 

If you are an MBA student interested in tutoring, please wait for the recruitment email that will be sent out to all students at the end of each term. Students may apply to be a tutor before entering their second term and again before entering their third term.

 Please note that we only hire tutors once a semester: in April for summer term; in late August/September for fall term; and in December/January for spring term. Questions? Email [email protected].

Tutors are paid $30/hr for 1 students; $40/hr for 2-6 students; and $50/hr for groups of 7 or more.