What is a trek?

A trek is defined as  any firm visits that require more than 2-hours of travel time. 

OSA/CMC Guidelines

  • All treks must be approved by OSA & CMC
  • Treks cannot happen during class time, blackout dates and/or on-campus recruiting
  • Do NOT use your own funds- communicate early with FPO
  • OSA & CMC strongly suggest using hotels for lodging and not AirBNB (for student comfort, stremalining logistics and liability reasons)
  • Students cannot sign any contract on behalf of Columbia Business School
  • Review Financial Policies and Procedures surrounding using club funds

Approved Trek Benefits

  • CMC support with company relationship experts
  • CMC advisor participation
  • Ability to promote via official club communication channels such as listservs, Org Sync, etc. 

Trek Approval Process

Please connect with your OSA or CMC advisor.

Trek Resources