Tracking MBA Degree Requirements

Students should regularly use the Degree Audit Report (DAR) in Student Services Online** to track their academic progress. The DAR is used by both students and staff to aid in advisement and analyze students' progress toward the MBA degree.

**The DAR updates weekly on Sundays and only considers courses already recorded on your academic transcript. Any registration transactions that occur during business days or a future semester may not be reflected in your current DAR. Allow sufficient time for all registration transactions to complete in SSOL and check for any holds that may block registration.

The Degree Audit Report includes:

  • An assessment of overall degree requirements, including completion of core requirements, total points earned, and GPA.
  • Course exclusions such as those based on incomplete or failing grades and duplicate courses.
  • An assessment of courses applied to and/or excluded from MBA degree requirements which includes:
    • graduate-level courses from other Columbia schools
    • Independent Study
    • Cross-Cultural Seminar

Currently, the Degree Audit Report cannot be utilized by dual degree students. Dual degree students who have questions regarding the MBA portion of their programs should contact Kristen Casano in the Office of Student Affairs.