MBA students are typically only able to apply a maximum of six (6) cross-registered credits (i.e., graduate-level coursework from other Columbia schools) to their degree requirements (along with Independent Study and Cross-Cultural Seminar). However, a certain subset of classes that are cross-listed with the Law School is exempt from this limit. For the purposes of fulfilling degree requirements, the Law School courses listed in the link below are essentially equivalent to any MBA elective, and credits from these courses do not count toward the six credit limit for cross-registration, Independent Study, and Cross-Cultural Seminar. Note that not all of these courses will be available in a given term. In order to register for these courses, students should follow the instructions provided by the Law School for cross-registrants, which can be found on the MBA "Cross Registration" page.

Please visit this page, navigate to the "Courses" section, and open the "Law Courses Cross-Listed at the Business School" section for an up-to-date list.

For more information on individual courses, please visit the Law School's course directory.