MBA and EMBA students may audit Business School electives with the instructor's permission if there are open seats in the class after enrollment is complete (after the add/drop period), within the stated capacity of the course. Auditors that are alumni, partners and spouses of MBA and EMBA students, remain on hold until the university returns to normal visitor policy. Audited courses are not noted on the transcript; students do not receive academic credit and are not charged tuition. Auditing agreements are made between the student and the professor: the Office of Student Affairs does not require notification. To get Canvas access for an audited class, please be in contact with the Professor or their department's administrative staff. 

MBA students who wish to audit a course in another school should contact the professor or the appropriate administrative office in that school for permission. It is the student's responsibility to be fully informed of that school's requirements for auditors, as policies vary according to the program. Students must drop or withdraw from the course if they are approved to audit the course while enrolled.